can’t stop listening to ___________


No matter what you make of the real story behind the album, I think it’s undeniable that Lemonade is an incredibly moving piece of work.

I hadn’t been a big follower of Beyoncé’s music before.  Of course I knew some songs–has anyone not heard Single Ladies??  But then the Super Bowl halftime show happened and Formation came out and I was totally smitten.  The visuals are so exciting I was immediately enthralled.  I love the settings, the fashion, the shooting style…and then on top of that it’s a really great, catchy, multi-layered song.  (Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation!)  I watched it 3 times immediately and then shared it with others later that week and have probably gone back and watched it 10 more times since.

Formation got me interested in Beyoncé’s creative team and how she puts her videos together because it’s so varied in its styles–from the hair to the makeup to the outfits to the settings…  There’s a great BTS video for the making of 2009’s Sweet Dreams that shows every outfit, including how she got to use a vintage Thierry Mugler gold body suit that had been on display at the Met.  If you’re Beyoncé you get to wear that.  If you’re anyone else, you get to be inspired by it.

One of my favorite looks from the Formation video is the red dress she’s wearing while sitting atop the sinking police car, shown here in The Guardian’s coverage of Formation fashion.  Turns out it’s a blouse and skirt from Gucci’s 2016 Spring line–which is amazing and images from the ad campaign became my phone wallpaper all during SXSW.

So then, 10 days ago, after the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones, there was Lemonade, begging to be watched.

Before midnight I had watched it all the way through and some parts 2 or 3 times.  I tweeted with friends about it after it was gone.  And the next day I bought it on iTunes and started listening to the music.  I had my immediate favorites as one does with any new album but in the following days of listening and taking a break from listening, and watching again and listening again, and reading about it and listening to podcasts about it, there’s not one song on there that hasn’t gotten its hooks in me (har har).

I woke up this morning with “pray you catch me listening” running through my head. Fitting, because I still am.


can’t stop listening to ___________ (NYE edition)

in honor of the closing hours of 2015, i wanted to write a music post and post an autoside–music and photography being, this year as always, two things that bring enrichment and joy.

this musical recommendation comes as a result of something else that brings enrichment and joy: great tv.

a recent highlight from the cultural endeavors of 2015 includes re-watching the entire series of HBO’s six feet under. though several years old now it holds up so well and is so amazingly insightful as far as family dynamics and relationships go.

that closing sequence that shows the fate of all the main characters, shown with sia’s “breathe me” playing achingly over it all was sooooo good…

along similar lines of brilliant exploration of complicated family dynamics is amazon’s original series transparent, created by one of the six feet under producers, jill soloway.  in the second season (the latest one) a song reoccurred throughout several episodes.  it was alice boman’s “waiting.” (see below)

i found it so haunting and beautiful the first time i heard it i re-watched the scene during which it played several times.  not unlike the closing sequence to six feet under…

new instagram!

i don’t have a new account (still the same @meg_mulloy), but the updated layout looks awesome!

i discovered this after clicking on a link while reading the wild magazine inteview of tei shi (who’s song “see me” i love) by faith silva, whose work i just discovered while checking out the awesome gorilla vs. bear music blog.

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 21.57.25


p.s. every link in that last sentence is great and worth a click.

can’t stop listening to ___________ (sxsw edition)

i love my friends.  when i am lame they are still totally cool and make the raddest spotify playlists that introduce me to all the bands that i didn’t brave the rain this past week in austin to see.

sorry, out-of-towners, the weather this past week was pretty terrible.  all i wanted to do was hole up and lie low.  which meant i did almost nothing sxsw-related.

local amateur deejays to the rescue.  thanks in large part to gemini radio i was introduced to ryn weaver, the casket girls, the octopus project and tei shi, as well as new stuff from old faves like picture plane and twin shadow.

my own playlists are filling up fast with gleaned goodies.

can’t stop listening to ___________


i’ve had will wiesenfeld’s obsidian (from 2013) and cerulean (from 2010) repeatedly and simultaneously breaking and thrilling my heart for about a week straight now.

his albums are literally black and blue.

they beat you up but i love them.

here’s a link to video of him performing “hall”–the song that started it all for me.