j’adore doré

Every time I need a little beauty, a little celebration of women, a little taste of the world, a little style inspiration I turn to Garance Doré’s lifestyle blog.  Not only does she (along with her team) introduce readers to interesting women from all over the world and offer all sorts of informative and engaging posts that run the gamut from career talk to skincare advice, but she is also a richly talented artist, producing tons of beautiful illustrations, lots of which can be bought as posters, calendars and notecards on her site.

I don’t recall how I stumbled upon these drawings, but ever since I did, from time to time, I have turned them into wallpapers for my digital devices, to delight and inspire me with every screen.

Currently on my phone:glove-it-or-shove-it_garance-dore-770x559

All illustrations in this post by Garance Doré

feel the heat

nars' lip color heat wave

nars’ lip color heat wave

you know something is a must-have if you keep thinking about it long after seeing it.  such was 100% the case with my newest favorite lip color, the bright orangey-pinkish red “heat wave” from NARS.  i’ve gone through my fair share of lipsticks from the line, including “manhunt” (a super bright true red) and “fire down below” (a deeper, plummy color), and was excited to venture into slightly more playful territory.

with a new season upon us (sort of!  austin is still getting temps in the 80s despite it being late october!), and a little inspiration from style icon joanna hillman of harper’s bazaar, i made not one but two treks to sephora to find my next shade.  the first trip was, yes, reconnoissance, but i would’ve bought it then had the color not been sold out.  second trip to confirm the choice and take the plunge was successful.

in celebration, i made a little kaleidoscopic collage in photoshop:)

here’s to small treats and changing one’s look–a couple things that are making my day a little brighter.

these beauties





not long ago i had the pleasure of working with 2 models who were, at the time, completely new to me.  coworker and fellow photographer, the awesome julie sparks andrada, and i were using the terrific studio space at photogroup in south austin, working on portfolio images, and julie had connections with these gorgeous models as well as the talented makeup artist bethany renfro.

having pinned several images of models with hair piled high and dramatic eye makeup, i knew what looks i had in mind, and these girls delivered.

both of these images were shot using a 5 foot octobank with a directional grid.  the light was closer to sasha, just above her, angled down, positioned camera left.  i had her very close to a rich grey background so the gradient is just from the single light source.  for emily’s shot, the octobank was hiked higher up on a light stand, camera right, and positioned farther from her, producing an image with slightly more contrast.  the green background was lit with a 4 foot strip soft box to create a soft linear gradient from right to left behind her.

a canon 5D with a 50mm 1.4 lens was used to produce both shots.

i retouched both images to fix some stray hairs and add extra dewy-ness to their skin, but these girls photographed so beautifully–i couldn’t be more pleased with the resulting images.