favorite #autoside of 2015

this 1959 ford pickup truck belonged to the current owner’s grandmother–bought new and in the family all these years.

i photographed it with a 4×5 camera, using a lateral shift movement and 2 sheets of film to create a diptych in which the front and back of the truck overlap.  you can see that the light changed a bit between the 2 shots–there was cloud cover in one and bright sunlight in the other.


can’t stop listening to ___________ (NYE edition)

in honor of the closing hours of 2015, i wanted to write a music post and post an autoside–music and photography being, this year as always, two things that bring enrichment and joy.

this musical recommendation comes as a result of something else that brings enrichment and joy: great tv.

a recent highlight from the cultural endeavors of 2015 includes re-watching the entire series of HBO’s six feet under. though several years old now it holds up so well and is so amazingly insightful as far as family dynamics and relationships go.

that closing sequence that shows the fate of all the main characters, shown with sia’s “breathe me” playing achingly over it all was sooooo good…

along similar lines of brilliant exploration of complicated family dynamics is amazon’s original series transparent, created by one of the six feet under producers, jill soloway.  in the second season (the latest one) a song reoccurred throughout several episodes.  it was alice boman’s “waiting.” (see below)

i found it so haunting and beautiful the first time i heard it i re-watched the scene during which it played several times.  not unlike the closing sequence to six feet under…

been so long

as most bloggers do from time to time, i’ve gotten behind on posting.  but i have a very good excuse: i was planning my wedding…and then i got married and went on a honeymoon.

since we’ve been back i’ve been tending to lots of things that got backburner’ed for months, including posting.

the things that are brightening my days lately include incredibly fond memories of the wedding, our 10-day trip to croatia shortly thereafter, and tending to house stuff–which, it turns out, i love!

as an olive branch while i get back on schedule, i offer this beautiful tune from vetiver.  the album, to find me gone, came out in 2006; i found it during my years in california and have come back to this song over and over again ever since.

wait for it…