MONSTROusly fun!

my brilliant fiancé is a designer with white whale games who, this past year, kickstarted a card game called MONSTROCARDS.

we got to work together on a series of still photographs of our friends who played the game (scroll to the end) and then we collaborated again, along with writer/director colin gray, on the video for the kickstarter campaign (see below).  i shot the video using a canon 5D mark ii with 28mm, 50mm and 85mm prime lenses.*

the game just started shipping out this past week and is starting to get some buzz, so i thought it the perfect time to talk about the video.

we shot it in one afternoon in a friend’s kitchen, casting 5 of our friends in non-speaking roles–the whole thing was VO’ed by dan boehl–and showing the various phases of the game with hammed up expressions and body language.  we wanted it to feel playful, fun and poppy, with a cadence like game commercials from the 50s and 60s.  the music helps and much credit for the awesome finished product is due to josh meyers of emergent order who edited it with me and colin over the course of a couple of hot july afternoons and more than a few coke slurpees.

here are some of the stills from the campaign:

katie's winning monstrocard: giant farmer

katie’s winning monstrocard: giant farmer

these were all basically one-light portraits in front of a white sweep.  i had a background light on a floor stand to provide a gradient behind the subject’s shoulders and photographed each model with a large softbox on a strobe set up for loop lighting.

charles' winning monstrocard: underwater summer camp

charles’ winning monstrocard: underwater summer camp

quin's winning monstrocard: tacky chair

quin’s winning monstrocard: tacky chair

*notes on shooting video:  there are several settings you can use for the video feature on the canon DSLRs, but i used the 1920x1080p format at 24fps.  shutter speeds of 1/60th or slower seem to work best, otherwise the footage can look choppy.