can’t stop listening to ___________ (sxsw edition)

i love my friends.  when i am lame they are still totally cool and make the raddest spotify playlists that introduce me to all the bands that i didn’t brave the rain this past week in austin to see.

sorry, out-of-towners, the weather this past week was pretty terrible.  all i wanted to do was hole up and lie low.  which meant i did almost nothing sxsw-related.

local amateur deejays to the rescue.  thanks in large part to gemini radio i was introduced to ryn weaver, the casket girls, the octopus project and tei shi, as well as new stuff from old faves like picture plane and twin shadow.

my own playlists are filling up fast with gleaned goodies.

#autoside tuesday

if this handsome fellow looks familiar it’s because i also photographed him with my pentax 67ii while in marfa last july.  he’s part of the contact sheets in the marfa post from last fall.  and i’m still in love with that place…

marfa #autoside

marfa #autoside

p.s if you look hard you can see the marfa water tower peaking out from behind the trees.