lizard love

on the day we celebrate love, i’ll tell you a tale of likes (on instagram).

lizard on my window

lizard on my window

we have lots of little lizards around the (outside of the) house in the warmer months in austin.  they really like to hang out on my frosted bedroom window–to my total delight.  often 2 or 3 will congregate there. more often than not they like to show up in the evening and sleep in stick-straight positions like this:

other lizard on my window

other lizard on my window

which is cute, too.  but, mr. curvy up there was a happy coincidence that almost never happens: he was on the window during daylight AND he was wriggling around–also a rarity as they are usually super still.  i greeted him as i always do with a “hi, little guy!” and he paused for a second, like he was posing for me.

being the daily instagrammer that i am, i posted him, not thinking he would get nearly the love that he did.  on a whim i tagged him with #mytinyatlas, the hashtag for tiny atlas quarterly.  he wound up getting featured on the tiny atlas account, which totally made my day.  like.

can’t stop listening to ___________


i’ve had will wiesenfeld’s obsidian (from 2013) and cerulean (from 2010) repeatedly and simultaneously breaking and thrilling my heart for about a week straight now.

his albums are literally black and blue.

they beat you up but i love them.

here’s a link to video of him performing “hall”–the song that started it all for me.

#autoside tuesday

back on the wagon.  (pun totally intended.)  having laid aside my keyboard over the holidays, i’m way behind on posting these weekly.  coming back with a bang, here’s one of my all time favorite station wagon autosides.

east side station wagon #autoside

east side station wagon #autoside

i spotted this guy while running an errand deep in east austin and had to pull over and snag this shot.  what is it about rust that is total photographer catnip??  IDK but i love it.  save the shiny restored guys for the car shows; gimme the rust buckets.